Oct 23, 2012

Avengers Stenciled Shirt and How To Make Silhouette Stencils From A Picture

Two tutorials in one post! If I were blog savvy, it would  make more sense to split this into two posts...however, I decided a while ago that I want to have fun and not worry about things like that.

I have 4 boys, all huge fans of various superheroes. When Avengers came out last week they all wanted a shirt. Freezer paper stencils were out - that's just too much hassle.

Originally I was going to use DIY screen prints ( I still want to make some more detailed pictures,  that's for later though) and for some time now I wanted to try to make stencils from poly folders.

I bought mine at my local grocery store. I cut them in half and made the stencils but printing out silhouettes of the Avengers and taping them to the poly folder halves and cutting them out with an exacto knife.
  I wanted to make the Avengers figure stencils as painless and easy as possible. I did end up saving two small pieces: the space between Hawkeye and Thor's leg and the small piece between Hulk's body and arm.

Then we just tapes the stencils to the T-shirt and started painting with acrylic paint. Using a stencil brush is always the best.

My 3 oldest made their own shirts. 

After the paint dried, I put put a scrap piece of fabric over the image and ironed it for a few minutes. Oh, I also added a few small details with contrasting paint on the figures with a small paintbrush. 
 In case you are wondering, this is how I made the silhouettes. I Googled Avenger pictures and chose a few with either white background or really light background. Then uploaded them to iPiccy. Pick the first picture to work on. Scroll down in the side bar until you get to "Adjust Threshold".

As soon as you click on it, it will automatically do it for you. But that's just a black and white image, not a silhouette yet.
 Just increase the "Black Threshold" bar until you get a good dark silhouette. Do not increase it too much, otherwise you get a black shapeless blob. Click "apply" and save your picture.

Here are silhouettes I made for the Avengers. Sorry, I lost Hulk somewhere (the one I used) and I am too lazy to go back and make a new one, since I have my stencil already.