Nov 9, 2012

Basil Spinach Lemon Sorbet

Going to Costco when the Vitamix guy is there means we get some new recipes to try out. This one is a bit tricky, since it is really up to you how sweet or lemony you want it. Anyways, we loved it and I have made it twice this week. Since it still gets pretty warm (in November!) during the day in Texas, we really enjoyed this refreshing and palate cleansing sorbet.

Basil Spinach Lemon Sorbet

10-15 fresh basil leaves
1/2-3/4 c lemonade or lemon juice (add sugar to taste if using lemon juice)
1/3 c fresh spinach
3 c ice
honey, sugar to taste (optional)

Add ingredients to your high powered blender ( please do not try this in anything else, I will not be responsible for burnt out motors!) in the order listed. Start on low, increase speed to high and blend until the ice is pulverized.

I am going to be honest. Like I said I made this a couple times already and it turned out a bit different each time. You can definitely tweak it to your taste. You can make it sweeter, more subtle, more or less lemony etc. You should not taste the spinach at all. Unless that's what you like of course. I like it with a stronger basil flavor with the lemon as just a hint. And not sweet. My kids like it sweeter with more lemon.

Just have fun and play with it.