Nov 12, 2012

Christmas In Australia - a FREE e-book

A few years ago I wrote several small units on Christmas traditions from different countries. My two oldest were the perfect age then, 9 and 6 and they really enjoyed it. Again, I have a 9 and 6 year old and decided to repeat these activities in December. None of these are meant as stand alone studies in place of geography or social studies - they are fun, short, while giving a lot of different but basic information. 

I am going to post all of them (as I go through them and edit them). Here is the first one:

If you are looking for something extra to do with your kids - homeschooling or not- this holiday season, you can grab it here: Christmas In Australia (if you have trouble with the link, just hit "refresh". It should come up without any problems.)

Please remember: it is for personal use only.

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  1. Sorry to tell you but this is one of the coolest blogs, I love it! You are very talented and honest! Thank you for filling the blogisfield with coolness!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I hope to be more true to myself, although I know it is impossible to show truly one's self via a blog. Still, I hope to show a more balanced pictured. Thanks for following!