Nov 24, 2012

PROJECT: Cool Pants - a refashioned project

My 3 year old cannot stand jeans. He likes soft pants made from knit fabric. They are easy enough to find. But, soft knit pants with stripes are much harder. That boy is obsessed with stripes. He loves his pajamas with stripes, his shirts, his sweaters....everything. While I was browsing at our local thrift store, I found some large men's polo shirts with stripes! Did not take long for me to decide to grab them. However, it did take me a while to sit down and actually make the pants.

Finally, after I caught up on mending and sewed on all the merit badges I was supposed to months ago, I was able to sit down to make some pants. This was the first time I used twin needles too and I have to say, it was a lot of fun and I loved the results. 

He wore all 3 of them throughout the day, so it was easy to snap pictures of him. 

He was so happy to be able to run and jump and kick as much as he wanted. 

We rode bikes, he did somersaults in the grass, colored with chalk, jumped on the bed....all in comfortable and striped pants. 

And now I can concentrate on some Christmas projects completely guilt free.

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