Nov 5, 2012

Darth Vader Beanbag Pattern

Materials needed:
- black fabric or felt
-white embroidery thread
- rice or beans
First, save the following two images to your computer and print them out. On each page, there is a  1 inch square box to help you with printing the right out the right size pictures! The very first image is the pattern for the head. Cut 2 from black felt of fabric. 1/4 inch seam allowance is included.
 This second image is the pattern for the head detail. (Sorry for the quality, I had trouble saving it from the program I used to draw it with. In the end, I had to print it out and scan it to be able to save it.)
Next step: I put tissue paper on top of the pattern and copied it. Then I cut around the outside line.
Next I pinned the tissue paper to one of the Head pieces. 
And started stitching....I used all 6 strands of thread and just stitched around the details. 
When I was done, I just tore the tissue paper away. 
Here it is, ready to sew.
I do not have pictures of the next couple steps, but they are super simple. Right sides facing, I sewed the 2 Head pieces together ( 1/4 inch seam), making sure I left a 2 inch opening. Turned it right side out, folded in the opening and ironed it. If you wish, you can top stitch around the head, making sure to leave the opening alone.{ I did not do this. } Then just fill it with rice or beans and stitch the opening close. All done. Enjoy!

I will post the Iron Man and Storm Trooper Beanbag Patterns soon.