Nov 3, 2012

DIY Clothing Labels

 Have you ever wanted to add tags to your sewing projects? I have. But I always figured it was really my vanity and pride that wanted to simply show off rather than my practical self wanting to use tags for practical reasons!
I think I spent way too much time analyzing my inner purposes for something that really does not matter from an eternal perspective. I realized that just because I think that tags add to projects and because I simply like them, it is not going to make me a better or worse person. Now, if I went ahead and ordered 100's of high quality woven tags for a few hundred dollars - that would be different. But spending $20 to make enough tags to last me most of the year? Should not be a complicated decision. 

I did some research, and found several economical ways to make your own labels {I am sharing the links, just keep reading}.
 I already had stamps and fabric ink (not necessary, you can use acrylic paint also). All I needed to get was the right material to stamp on. 

I tried stamping on ribbon and twill tape, but I did not like how they turned out. I read a lot of blogs, sites and a few books on fabric stamping and found an idea for special cotton tape .  I played around with carving my own stamp, but then I ended up using a couple of the boys' letter stamps. PS for Paul Street, the name of my Etsy shop. 

Overall I am happy with how they turned out. Next I am going to try to make each boy's very own label I can use just for them.

Ready for some more ideas for making your own clothing tags/labels?

See Kate Sew will show you how she used Spoonflower to print her custom labels on a yard of fabric.
SewLikeMyMom shares a great tutorial on designing the labels on Microsoft Word, printing them on iron on transfer paper and ironing them on satin ribbon. {This was my second choice and I will try it to make some personalized labels for each of my boys.}
DuhBee just printed the labels right on the specially prepared fabric.
Lil Blue Boo made simple tagless labels. 
I wish I had a typewriter! I love how Make Something used an old fashioned typewriter to type on the fabric. Brilliant!
If you have a serger and scraps of fabric, Delia Creates will show you how to make some cute tags. She uses stamps to customize her labels.