Sep 14, 2012

DIY Cotton Webbing Belt With Applique

My youngest has envied his brothers' belts for some time now. And to be honest, I always forget to pick up a belt for him when I am out shopping. A few weeks ago I ordered some really fun ombre striped cotton webbing and of course my 3 year old kept asking me to use the cotton webbing and tie it around his waist as a belt. Finally, after one of his requests, right then and there I decided to just make him a belt instead of buying one. I rummaged through my things and found 2 D-rings that fit perfectly. At first I was going to just make a simple belt, but then I thought a pop of color would be fun.
 I had a hard time deciding between burnt orange, yellow and turquoise fabric scraps. I ended up with turquoise. 
It is simple, although in hindsight I should have used a light stabilizer or fusible webbing. Here is the how-to:

Buckle End Applique

1. Cut a rectangle, (width of belt + 6/8 inch) by (however long you want the applique to be x 4).
2. Fold in half, cut corners to make an arrow shape, sew as shown on picture.
3. Turn inside out, iron in 3/8 inch on each side.
4. Fold, pin to webbing as shown.
Use size 16 needles and a longer stitch length and sew around as shown. Now comes the only tricky part.  Attach the D-rings, but make sure that the "right" side is on the opposite. The right side of my applique at the end of the belt is the "wrong" side of the D-ring buckle.

The D-ring buckle applique: 

Got a scrap piece of rectangle, ironed in the sides to match the width of the webbing. Ironed down one end to form an arrow and just simply fold and iron the other end. Fold over the D-ring buckle, making sure that the arrow is on top.....

and the straight end is covering the wrong side of the webbing. (I took a bunch of pictures, in case my explanations make little or no sense. )

Sew it on and done. Quick picture to show how the belt ends looks like from front and back.