Nov 10, 2012

Make a Tunic With A Yoke

My son absolutely loves these tunics. He does not even mind posing for me. And he changes in and out of the different sets throughout the day. Which is really cute right now, but I am sure will drive me crazy soon enough.
You can tell from the pictures that the yoke is a little bit different. The bottom pictures shows the new updated version, which is what I am going to show you how to do.

Some close ups.

So, from the last post you know how to make a simple tunic (or scrubs) pattern. It will not change much, and you can use the pattern you already made. Cut out a front and a back and the sleeves. Now, draw on your pattern how thick and long you want the yoke (bib looking part on the front) to be. Be mindful that you are drawing just half of the yoke.
 I drew right on the pattern. I changed my mind about the thickness of the collar part and only used the front (shaded).
 I traced it onto another piece of paper and added seam lines. Do not add seam lines on the fold.
 I also cut 2 inch thick strips on the bias.This will be the collar. Just measure around the neckline, take away the width of the front (bib), divide by half, add 1-2 inches extra just in case. Cut 2. And leave the diagonal edge.
 I sewed the bias strips on the side of the front yoke except for about 1 inch on both sides.
 The yellow mark shows the area that is not sewn. Then ironed the seam and ironed the full side of the front yoke down. If I don't make any sense, just refer to the picture.

Next I marked where the opening is going to be. (Yes, the fabric looks different. Just an example of how organized I am. I started taking pictures with one of the tunics, and finished with another.) It was about 3 inches. Don't cut it yet! 

Next step is to sew the shoulders together.

Then pin the yoke on. Start pinning just the bib/front yoke and just do not worry about the collars yet. Pin the right side of the yoke to the wrong side of the front of the tunic.

This is to show the sewing line. Your yoke should be on the tunic! I started at the black dot, ended at the black arrow and then I started sewing at the red dot. But ignore that for a second and just worry about the bib/yoke.
(Just sew along the top!!!)
When you are done with sewing the bib/front yoke, start with one of the collars. I started at the red dot and went until about the back middle neckline. (Let's call this side A). I still had about 1 inch collar left, that's OK, it should be that way. Repeat with other side (side B), meet in the middle, and you should have some fabric left on both ends.

Fold the extra fabric from side A down and put the extra fabric from side B over it and just sew until you get to the end of side B.
This is how it should look. Side A is on the bottom and side B is on top.

Before you turn the tunic right side out, cut the opening, like this.

Now turn it right side out. Doesn't look like much at this point.

Until you flip the yoke to the front. Iron the seams down. Now it is starting to look like a real yoke.

Iron under the unfinished sides, tuck extra collar fabric under the collar. Sew around the bottom part of the collar and yoke. I also top stitched the top line.
The back. Just sew down the middle, where the collars meet.
Now, onto the sleeves! Cut a long 3 inch wide strip. Cut to match sleeves length.
Sew right side of print to wrong side of sleeve.
Iron seam. turn print over, iron down. Iron seam on unfinished edge, sew onto right side of sleeve.
I top stitched the bottom of the sleeve too.
Sew sleeves to shoulders, then sew up the sides, hem and your done.

And you got a cute tunic. You can make a dress just by extending the length and widening the bottom to make an A line shape.
Since I do not have any girls, I will not make any tunic dresses, but if you do (or tunics), let me know. I would love to visit your blog and check it out!

I am not the best at giving instructions, so if you have any questions about this tunic, e-mail me and I will try my best to help you.