Nov 2, 2012

Storm Trooper Beanbag Pattern

(In case you missed it, Darth Vader Bean Bag pattern.)

Finally I set down to make another Storm Trooper Beanbag and took pictures. 
Here is the pattern and instructions follow: 

You will need: scrap white fabric
                    scrap black felt

cut 2 head from white fabric
cut 1 eye from black felt
cut 1 mouth from black felt
cut 2 circles from black felt

Pin felt pieces to right side of white fabric. 

 Sew around the felt pieces either by hand or by sewing machine.

Wrong sides together, sew around with 1/4 inch seam allowance leaving a 2 inch opening (at least).

Turn right side out and iron, top stitch around, but do not close it yet! Fold in opening. 

Fill  3/4 full with rice. 

Top stitch to close opening. 

Done. Enjoy!