Sep 26, 2012

Raspberry Supreme

Over a decade ago, a dear friend from the Northwest shared it with me. It brought back memories of  the baby shower she helped host for me, dinner at her house and she bought a whole Raspberry Supreme cake just for me when I was staying around the clock in the local children's hospital for over a month with my sick newborn. We both moved and lost touch, but I will always remember her friendship and care.

There is one ingredient, that is not easy to find in most areas and once we moved away, I had to forget about making Raspberry Supreme for a time. Thankfully, the Internet and Amazon came to the rescue and I was able get  Danish Dessert  Raspberry  without any problems. 

Sep 23, 2012

Grilled Nutella and Banana Sandwiches

Last week my local grocery store (HEB) had samples for Grilled Nutella and Banana Sandwiches. My kids gobbled up the samples faster than I could even say "thank you" to the sweet lady who was making them. Not sure where the recipe is from, but whoever thought of it should receive some kind of award!

They are so delicious we could not get enough of them!

The recipe is simple and easy. 

Grilled Nutella and Banana Sandwiches

1 loaf of your favorite bread (we used honey wheat)
1 jar on Nutella
4 ripe bananas
butter, softened 
powdered sugar

1. Heat griddle or a pan over medium-low heat.  Peel and smash bananas with a fork.  
2. Spread mashed banana on 1 slice of bread, and Nutella on another. Put them together and butter both slices. 
3. Grill on each side until nice and crispy. Cool off a bit and sprinkle with powdered sugar. 

See, a nice and easy recipe to remember. I wonder how some Blue Bell HomemadeVanilla ice cream would go with it....

Sep 22, 2012


This meringue-based delicious dessert was first created in the 1920's in honor of the famous Russian ballet dancer, Anna Pavlova. She was touring Australia and New Zealand at the time and a resourceful chef came up with a sweet but airy-light dessert. Both countries claim to be the birthplace of the recipe. Either way, it is a favorite in our family!

The original recipe calls for cornstarch. I am not a fan of cornstarch, so I simply left it out. It still turned out crispy on the outside and soft and spongy on the inside.

Sep 21, 2012

City Tote Tutorial

 First you need to make the pattern. I like to use cardboard paper. I usually make a half a pattern and just place my pattern on the fold of the fabric. So, first draw a trapezoid. I think mine was 13 in on top, 17 in on bottom and 11 inches height. Then you will extend the top and bottom lines (in red) and connect them to make the gusset. I extended mine 2 inches on each side. I do not bother with seam allowance on a pattern. I know what I like to sew with and I add it to my original finished size, then round up or down for convenience. When it comes to making bags, you can get away with not being so precise.
 On the bottom I drew a line parallel with the bottom line 2 in apart and then connected the lines at the corner. Make sure you draw right angle corners.

Sep 19, 2012

How To Make a 3-D Pocket

3-D pockets are a bit fussy to make, but they give lots of extra room and look great too. 

3-D Pocket Tutorial

- fabric
- felt (optional)

Sep 14, 2012

DIY Cotton Webbing Belt With Applique

My youngest has envied his brothers' belts for some time now. And to be honest, I always forget to pick up a belt for him when I am out shopping. A few weeks ago I ordered some really fun ombre striped cotton webbing and of course my 3 year old kept asking me to use the cotton webbing and tie it around his waist as a belt. Finally, after one of his requests, right then and there I decided to just make him a belt instead of buying one. I rummaged through my things and found 2 D-rings that fit perfectly. At first I was going to just make a simple belt, but then I thought a pop of color would be fun.
 I had a hard time deciding between burnt orange, yellow and turquoise fabric scraps. I ended up with turquoise. 
It is simple, although in hindsight I should have used a light stabilizer or fusible webbing. Here is the how-to:

Sep 11, 2012

Personalized Porcelain Ware

The holidays are around the corner. We all love giving home made gifts but we do not necessarily want to spend hours on just one masterpiece for the neighbor 5 houses down the street. How about making some pretty custom porcelain ware to give this year that takes just a bit of time? All you need is some simple white or solid color plates, mugs or bowls and Porcelaine 150 pens. I found the pens at Michaels and the plate at Walmart.

Here is what I did:

Sep 9, 2012

Slouchy Bag FREE Pattern

Let me just say that it is one thing to make a pattern for yourself and it is a very different thing to make a pattern for everyone else. Even though the Slouchy Bag pattern is very easy, just writing down all the thoughts, plans and actions I did in a step by step form is tedious, tiring and sometimes even frustrating. And then the problem of what format the file should be in...I printed off quite a few copies before I was happy with the results. Getting the file to print off in the right size was a big problem too. So, hats off to pattern makers everywhere!

The Slouchy Bag is very similar to the pattern I used to make the Sweater Bag. At first I was trying to duplicate it. It is easy to duplicate a pattern but not the materials you use. Not using a sweater this time made a huge difference. It definitely does not have the same dramatic effect the white knit sweater and the faux leather combination has, but it is still a cute and comfy bag and you can use cotton print, corduroy (like I did) cotton duck or any light-medium weight fabric.

What you need:
1/2 yard of fabric for the shell (I used corduroy)
1/2 yard of fabric for the lining (I used a cotton print)
Snaps (buy a package with tools if this is your first time)
Patience for my instructions

Now, onto the pattern!

Sep 7, 2012

Plum Dumplings - Gomboc

 Plum Dumplings! Or as it is known in our house; Gomboc! A few months ago friends of ours moved away and I did not have a chance to show them how to make Gomboc. Plum Dumplings are small Italian Prunes or Plums covered in a special dough, boiled and rolled in breadcrumbs sauteed in butter. They are a beloved dish in Europe, specifically Eastern Europe and each country has their own version with slight differences in the recipe. In our house, it is breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert when I make a large batch.
 I am sharing  the recipe I grew up with in Hungary.

Sep 6, 2012

Sweater Bag

Would you believe me if I told you that this cute handbag used to be a sweater?

True and here is the story of how the Sweater Handbag came to be....

 I was going to grab the storage box from the closet that had all the clothes and stuffed animals waiting to be fixed, when I knocked down a bag with some old clothes I was either going donate or cut up. An old knit maternity sweater fell out. I wore this sweater while I was pregnant with each of my 4 boys. I did not have the heart to throw it out. It was one of the only items I have left from my pregnancies. I spread it out on my bed to take a good look. It was shapeless and huge. Should I unravel it and make a new sweater? Right...I am known not to finish sweaters. I stared at it for a while, wondering what to do.

Sep 4, 2012

Hot Handle Holder Pattern

After making some great new potholders, I still needed something to help with the hot handles of my cooking pots. I have been using towels and potholders, but they are too bulky and I am always afraid that my pot full of boiling water and spaghetti will slip out of my hands on the way to the sink. Solution : hot handle holders. (note: please do not keep these on your pot's handle while you cook! First of all it is a fire hazard, second they will get warm eventually.)

A simple sleeve to fit over your cooking pot's hot handle to give you a firm grip and protection against those hot handles. Obviously it is a super easy pattern, you can even just draw one yourself. But why would you do that, when I spent about 6 hours on the computer learning to make a simple pattern?
 Yes, you can have it.

Sep 1, 2012

Perfectly Polka Dotted Painted Wooden Eggs

I know chevron is in right now, but I could not resist making these fun polka dotted wooden eggs. After I made them, my oldest wondered out loud how I made the dots.

I let him guess for a while. Top of a pencil's eraser? Round brush? Q-tips? None of those, although they are all great ideas.

 Give up?