Causes of illnesses in children

Causes of illnesses in children

When it comes to illnesses, children become one of the most vulnerable to become unwell. This is their immunity system is still developing. Furthermore, they are easily susceptible to the element of the environment that can cause illnesses. A visit to the hospital will show that the children section will have parents queuing with their little ones waiting to see a pediatrician to treat their child. Likewise, parents will be on the lookout for signs and symptoms of illnesses arising so that they prevent it from becoming serious and treat it early enough. The question beckons is there a way that parents can assist in preventing children from becoming ill. Knowing the causes of illness is one way of helping to identify if a child is unwell and also keep sickness away. Below are causes that can lead a child to being sick.

Change in weather conditions


One of the common causes of illnesses in children is a change in weather conditions. This can lead to diseases such as coughs, colds and flu and even pneumonia which is a serious condition for a child to have. If a child is exposed to cold conditions, their bodies will tend to react to the environment and this will lead them to fall unwell. To prevent this problems from developing it is important to keep your child warm and protect them from unfavorable weather conditions.


Allergies occur when one’s immune system reacts to substances in the enviroment that may not be harmless to other people. This may be food, insects bites and stings, animals, dust mites, pollen, soap and detergents and other substances. Allergies can cause one to have rashes, swellings on the face, lips or eyes. One can also have asthma or hay fever which has symptoms of a runny nose, sniffling, blocked nose that may lead to mouth breathing, sneezing, itchy nose and eyes and reddening of the eyes.

It is important to find out what the triggers are for the allergic reactions in order to keep away from them. This will need the child to undergo tests to be able to diagnose.


child infectionsInfections in children will range. This will include stomach infections. Can be caused by something the child eat. The symptoms can include diarrhea, fever and vomiting. It is important that one observes hygiene standards when it comes to what a child is eating. Ensure they wash their hands before eating. One can also have ear and eye infections. This can cause a lot of discomfort to the child and will need a doctor to be able to diagnose and treat the condition. Symptoms may range from fever, fussiness, tugging, pulling or itching of ears or the eyes, reddening of eyes and trouble sleeping.

In conclusion, if as a parent you get any concern about your child’s health it is important that you observe them and seek medical help immediately.