Food and Diet

Food and Diet

Importance of eating healthy

To have good health, it is important to have the proper foundations. This includes a well balanced nutritious diet and physical exercises. Healthy eating will include eating foods that have high protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and drinking water. It will mean minimizing on processed and fatty foods. Such eating habits will help maintain the body system functioning well and will have numerous benefits. If one is wondering why they should change their lifestyle and adopt healthy eating, below are the importance of why.

Weight control


Eating a balanced diet will help one lose, maintain and control their weight. To achieve this one needs to stay within there required calorie intake range. This will be done by consuming the proper food which will include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. Fibre which is contained in fruits, vegetables and whole grains are filling and help one feel full and one does not have to consume more food for they do not feel hungry. Moreover, this foods aid one in keeping away from foods that are high in fats and sugars that one may end up snacking on to get an energy boost when they are hungry.

Overall health of the body

A well-balanced diet helps the body to function well. Each element will play a part in the overall working of the body. The nutrients in the food help to support the day to day activity of the body. For instance, carbohydrates help fuel one’s body and give it the energy to perform different activities. Proteins help to rebuild tissues and build the bodies immune system. Vitamins and minerals help in supporting the body’s processes. Different vitamins and minerals will have a part to play on the body. For instance, calcium and phosphorus keep one’s bones strong, vitamin A, C and E help keep protect cells against toxins.

Prevent diseases

healthy foodConsuming a balanced diet will help one keep away disease that may arise due to the lack of specific nutrients in the food that one consumes. As said earlier the body needs the carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals in order to function well. A lack of this can cause health deficiencies in the body, which will lead to health problems and low productivity. For instance, a lack of calcium can weaken one’s bones or osteoporosis which can cause susceptibility to fracturing. Likewise, too much of the nutrients can also be a cause of health issues, for instance, obesity is a result of too much eating of carbohydrates. Moreover, fatty foods can cause cardiovascular diseases.

One needs to consume the right amount of foods in their diet to obtain the proper nutrients for the functioning of the body. Adopting healthy eating habit can seem like a challenge, but knowing how important it is one only needs to be focused and plan their meals well.